Silence, please! Even if the auditorium is a stage in the heart of the largest slum in Nigeria. After all, the young women’s message is one that should be heard.
Stage director Ifeoma Fafunwa, a.k.a. Mrs. F., is faced with the challenge to stage a play addressing the abuse of women in male-dominated Makoko, a settlement built on stilts along the lagoon of Lagos. Can Ifeoma initiate a transformation here, in the heart of the fastest growing city in the world, which will breach the culture of silence in Nigeria? A film that demonstrates how art and personal passion can change a society more quickly than politics can.


Sound Design
Production company
Volya Films

Title: Mrs. F
Year: 2021
Duration : 1 hour, 19 minutes
Category: Long Documentary
Theme: Identity, Society
Edition: NFF 2021