Haleh’s daughter was executed in Iran. 37 years later, in the Netherlands, she thinks she recognises the woman who betrayed her daughter back then. But is it really her and can Haleh ever let the past rest?
Poignant drama about a mother who ends up in an unlikely situation. 37 years after her daughter Mitra was killed in Iran, Haleh (Jasmin Tabatabai) leads a successful, but quiet life in the Netherlands. The peace is disrupted by the arrival of Leyla, who betrayed her daughter at the time. Recently, this woman came to the Netherlands and now she is a loving mother herself. She does not seem to recognise Haleh; is this really Leyla? With her brother Mohsen’s (Mohsen Namjoo) help, Haleh tries to fathom the truth.


Executive producer
Production Design
Sound Design

Title: Mitra
Year: 2021
Duration : 1 hour, 48 minutes
Category: Feature film
Theme: Suspense & Crime, Historic, Society
Edition: NFF 2021