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It is really just a formality: passing the 'I’m not a robot' check during a software update. Still, Lara is unable to convince her computer she is human. Could it be…
“Do people think your conduct is aloof?” When the young music producer Lara fails to convince her computer she is not a robot, she has her doubts too. Because no matter how often she identifies the traffic signs and trees in the tests, the computer will not accept her ticks. In panic, she calls her boyfriend for comfort, but this only complicates the situation further, in this absurd comedy full of black humour involving Lara's existential dilemma.


Poster Ik ben geen robot.png

Category: Short Feature
Theme: Identity, Body & Mind, Society

Gouden Kalf nominees

Beste Hoofdrol Korte Film (2023)
Ellen Parren

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