Short drama in which the sensitive 14-year-old Wies wants to save the climate. At the care farm where she lives, she decides to start keeping bees. But her human desire stands in her way.
Wies (14) is an introverted and sensitive teenager who lives and works at a care farm. She is a member of the generation that suffers from ‘climate depression’. So Wies refuses to leave her room,stays in bed and watches the world subside into the abyss. But she realises that with her apathy she will save nothing and nobody, so she decides to start keeping bees at the care farm. When a new resident tries to make contact with Wies, it is becoming harder and harder to focus on her plan.

Title: How Light Gets In
Year: 2021
Duration : 13 minutes
Category: Short Feature
Theme: Youth, Nature & Environment
Edition: NFF 2021

Gouden Kalf nominees

Beste Korte Film (2021)
Marit Weerheijm