Lust, sex and love: a complex mix. When Esmée contracts an STD, she looks for the source and charts her schoolmates’ thrilling and divergent sex lives in this cheerful series.
When an STD spreads like wildfire across her class and also infects the freshly deflowered eighteen-year-old math nerd Esmée (Damaris de Jong), she desperately needs to know where it comes from. During her in-depth investigation, she soon gets entangled in the confusing and thrilling world of lust, sex and love among her classmates, and especially with herself. There is no mathematical formula for the crazyhormones in your body, as revealed by this positively disposed Dutch variation on the classic teen sex comedy.

Title: Follow de SOA
Year: 2021
Duration : 28 minutes
Category: Drama series/one-off
Theme: Humor, Absurdism, Society, Body & Mind
Edition: NFF 2021