While planning a new multicultural funeral parlour in the Bijlmer district in Amsterdam, funeral service manager Anita discovers how little she really knows about the wide variety of rituals around death.
Funeral service manager Anita is assigned to make the residents enthusiastic about the construction of a multicultural funeral parlour in the heart of the Bijlmer district. As a white woman in a coloured community, she discovers how little she really knows about all the different cultures and their rituals surrounding death. Is this new funeral parlour a wish coming from the residents themselves or is it a utopian dream of a funeral service that wants to conquer the market? When death starts playing a large role in her personal life, the question is if this new funeral parlour will really be built.


Executive producer
Sound editing
Sound Design
Production company
TV company
Evangelische Omroep (EO)
Postproduction company
Fever Film

Title: Dood in de Bijlmer
Year: 2020
Duration : 1 hour, 14 minutes
Category: Long Documentary
Theme: Society, Identity
Edition: NFF 2021