One sultry day at the beach, Maas is confronted with his insecurity about his disability. When everyone around him goes for a swim, he has to make a choice. Will he dare to expose himself?
Maas joins his new girlfriend Sien to the beach to get to know her friends. The group welcomes him with fervour, but Maas does not feel comfortable. Because his legs are different, he is afraid to take off his trousers, let alone join them for a swim. When everyone plunges into the surf, he reluctantly stays on his towel. He would like to be in the water with Sien only. Can he surrender to the waves to strike a new balance together?

Title: De Ontmoeting - Zeebenen
Year: 2022
Duration : 8 minutes
Category: Short Feature
Theme: Body & Mind, Society
Edition: NFF 2022