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NFF Conference

The annual NFF Conference combines inspiration, interdisciplinary collaboration and urgent topics in a full day programme.

On Saturday 23 September 2023 the Dutch audiovisual and digital culture industry came together during the NFF Conference. In a sector-wide programme packed with panels, political discussions, presentations and case studies, we took stock of the past year and looked ahead to the future.

Programme 2023

Please note: this event has finished.


NFF Conference: Beeldverhoudingen

Last year, the Dutch film and audiovisual box office earnings passed the billion mark to reach a total of €1.2 billion. In 2022, 14 films attained the national Golden Film status and 116 Dutch films won an award at an international festival. Documentaries, short films and youth films are proving to be successful abroad. But when it comes to feature films, it seems that neighbouring countries have more international success. Is that true? High time for a reality check.

The Netherlands Film Fund commissioned the research agency Olsberg SPI to investigate the impact of feature films in Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands. What are the success factors and where is there room for improvement in the Netherlands as a film country? Find out during the presentation by Jonathan Olsberg, who will share the results of the research.Filmmakers Martin Koolhoven, Ena Sendijarević and producer Leontine Petit will explore the significance of this research during a panel discussion led by Jeanine Abbring. What do they think you need in order to stand out as creator? And what elements contribute to succes?

In partnership with the Netherlands Film Fund.

Language: English, Dutch

Moderator: Janine Abbring


  • Jonathan Olsberg (Olsberg SPI)
  • Martin Koolhoven (Filmmaker)
  • Ena Sendijarević (Filmmaker)
  • Leontine Petit (Lemming Film)
  • Sandra den Hamer (Netherlands Film Fund)
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NFF Conference: Who Runs the Show?

What is that exactly... a showrunner? This session starts with a keynote by Jeppe Gjervig Gram, head of the European Showrunner Programme. He will present the traditional Danish showrunning model and how it is challenged by recent changes in the series industry, and discuss his individual approach to showrunning. In the subsequent conversation, we explore how the American showrunner model can be adapted for the European series market, and how we view this new credit in the Netherlands and Flanders.

This event is part of the European Showrunner Think Thank in collaboration with ifs Internationale Filmschule Köln.

Language: English
Moderator: Lemba de Miranda (writer, actor)

  • Jeppe Gjervig Gram (Borgen, Follow the Money)
  • Pieter Bart Korthuis (Dirty Lines, Het jaar van Fortuyn)
  • Sanne Nuyens (The Twelve, Beau Séjour)
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NFF Conference: Games on Screen

Game adaptations are more successful today than ever before. What’s the secret of their success? In this session, get up to speed on the opportunities and challenges of cross-media productions. Let the games begin!

Producer and writer Bartosz Sztybor (Cyberpunk: Edgerunners), lead game designer Christopher Sica (The Expanse) and writer and showrunner Tasha Huo (Tomb Raider) will share their experiences in translating games into a series or film. Topics will include the interaction between video games and series and the differences and similarities between these two story-driven industries.

We will also discuss the value of collaboration between filmmaker and game developer. Will you be more successful in delivering a seamless transition between the two worlds if you combine creative forces?

Language: English
Moderator: Samya Hafsaoui

  • Bartosz Sztybor (Cyberpunk: Edgerunners)
  • Christopher Sica (The Expanse)
  • Tasha Huo (Tomb Raider)
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Professionals Drinks: Co-hosted by NAPA, CFAP, ACE Producers, FilmForward & ROSE stories

The perfect opportunity to network and relax after a full day’s programme. During this drinks, the jury award and nominations for the CFAP Prize 2023 were announced. Also, DJ Nawa Sira joined us on behalf of ROSE stories to play some tunes.

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