Blikverruimer Adriaan de Jongh

On Sunday 30 September, game designer Adriaan de Jongh (1990) will host a night about independent game production. Adriaan is known for his indie-gamehit HIDDEN FOLKS (2017). This search game received a Golden Calf nomination for Best Interactive 2017 and was awarded the Apple ‘iPad game of the year 2017’. Together with a group of international indie game designers, Adriaan will teach a crash course on the art and science of game development. The whole evening will be in English.
The night of Adriaan de Jongh is part of the ‘NFF Blikverruimers’ programme. After a successful edition in 2017, the ‘NFF Blikverruimers’ programme is back with four nights. Actress Olga Zuiderhoek, the duo Yous & Yay, game designer Adriaan de Jongh and film director Michiel van Erp will each have their own night from Friday 28 September until Monday 1 October. Order your tickets now!
Guests The evening of Adriaan de Jongh:
Marius Winter (work) Nina Freeman (work) Sokpop (work)Date: Sunday 30 September Time: 19:00 - 21:30Location: Hoogt 1 Price: €10,00 (early birds) | €12,50 (normal)Order your early birds
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