Ultrakort - Cycle

Sophie Olga de Jong, Sytske Kok Short film - 2018 - 2 min.

Short but strong animation: a rounded story about a girl who is taught by her grandpa to ride her bicycle anddiscovers that where the road ends real adventure begins.

In this animated short, a girl is taught by her grandfather to ride her bicycle with the help of a red scarf. When she races down the hill faster and faster, she does not notice he can no longer keep up with her and has to let go. She ends up in heavy, honking traffic, in a deserted landscape with grass and in a forest with wild animals. With the help (again) of the scarf, she eventually gets back on the right road. Fay Lovsky composed the music and sound design for this short, made within the framework of Ultrakort.


Director(s) Sophie Olga de Jong
Sytske Kok
Script Sytske Kok
Producer(s) Nancy Fornoville
Willem Thijssen
Production Company
Sound Design
KLIK Distribution
Sophie Olga de Jong
Bram Donders
Janneke van den Biggelaar
Production Country