PolarBarry – Let’s Break the Ice!! – Vlog #207

Wouter Dijkstra Short documentary - 2019 - 5 min.

Short animated documentary featuring influencer and online personalityPolarBarry. In his vlogs, this naughty polar bear and internet sensation introduces the climate discussion to his followers.

Meet influencer PolarBarry. This naughty polar bear shakes things up on the North Pole and online with vlogs in which he cranks up the climate discussion among his followers.VLOG #207shines a light on the probability that humanity is unable to act as one collective. Without passing judgement, the video shows a multiplicity of possible opinions and the horrific consequences. Short, playful animated documentary about a serious global problem.


Director(s) Wouter Dijkstra
Producer(s) Wouter Dijkstra
Wouter Dijkstra
Sound Design
Wouter Dijkstra
Production Country
Netherlands, United Kingdom