Sanna de Vries Short film - 2019 - 4 min.

Short animation in which a girl struggles with her emotions; in this playful film, her tears have taken the shape of a downpour. Sometimes, a good cry is just very healthy.

Just like a cloudburst refreshes nature, a good weeping fit can invigorate a person. In this short animation, a young girl’s tears take the shape of a massive downpour. With its playful design - in watercolour - the message is: a good cry now and then is a relief.


Director(s) Sanna de Vries
Script Sanna de Vries
Producer(s) Sanna de Vries
Elyse de Waard
Production Company
Sanna de Vries
Sound Design
Morten Bogaard
Tyas van den Bergh
Sanna de Vries
Production Country