Wilbert van Veldhuizen Short film - 2019 - 6 min.

Sleekly designed animation in which a man hatches sinister plans for the future and for himself. He chooses a village church by the sea for a ritual that unleashes hidden powers.

A woman drives an old car along the coast towards a village. In the passenger seat is a man who is brooding on big plans. The car pulls up in front of the church. The man gets out, enters the church and with a resolute gesture wipes away the old ways. In his suitcase, he has the cassette with magical music that will cause a miraculous resurrection. Utterly amazed, the woman watches this overwhelming spectacle. Stylised 3D animation seamlessly switches from realistic overture to mysterious fantasy. Wilbert van Veldhuizen’s debut.


Production Company Wilbrand
Sound Design
Filip Degernäs
Floris Kruger
Production Country