Die entformte Tochter

Theresa Büchner Short film - 2018 - 10 min.
"When I see pictures of my mother when she was young, I see a woman who doesn’t need me. When I wasn’t born yet, her art was everything to her. I became important only later. I would have liked to meet her back then. Or would I? She seems so independent. Would she have liked me?" Hesitantly emerging, dreamy images complement the conversation between daughter and mother about the making of the film. "I still don’t know what you’re looking for", the mother says. "The truth?" "No." "That’s good."


Director(s) Theresa Büchner
Producer(s) Theresa Büchner
Production Company
Director of Photography
Costume Design
Sound Design
Sound on Set
Caspar Brink
Production Country
Netherlands, Germany