De Vogelwachter

Threes Anna Feature film - 2020 - 90 min.
All ages

Gouden Kalf nominee

Beste Production Design Vincent de Pater

Beste Sound Design Herman Pieëte, CAS

After half a century, an old birdwatcher’s happy life is disrupted because his post is cancelled. He refuses to leave and finds a unique way to resist. Tragicomic feature film with a leading role for cabaret performer Freek de Jonge.

An old man has been living all alone on an island full of birds in the middle of the ocean for half a century. He is very content there, as a birdwatcher without any people around him. One day, he receives a message telling him his post will be terminated. His happy life in the wild threatens to end abruptly. But the dismissed birdwatcher refuses to leave and defies this decision in a way uniquely his own. Tragicomic feature film with a leading role for Freek de Jonge, and beautiful wildlife shots of all sorts of birds.


Director(s) Threes Anna
Script Threes Anna
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