Coffee Time

Evelyne du Bois Short film - 2019 - 3 min.

Short animation about a day in the lives of typical coffee drinkers, each sipping his or her brew in individual ways. But sometimes a perfectly normal cup of coffee has a surprise twist in store. 

One drinks his brew from an old-fashioned coffeepot, the other prefers a serious espresso from special beans or a latte with whipped, semi-skimmed oat milk. The soundtrack takes the viewer along into the rhythm of everyone’s daily coffee routine. And no matter how obvious it may be, the popular drink can also bring on a surprise twist.


Director(s) Evelyne du Bois
Producer(s) Evelyne du Bois
Sound Design
Vivianne du Bois
Ted du Bois
Evelyne du Bois
Production Country