Cassandra Offenberg Short documentary - 2019 - 16 min.
The 14-year-old promising kickboxing talent Esma wants to be the world’s greatest fighter. But at the same time she is fighting the constant fear of losing her seriously ill mother.


Esma Aras grows up in The Hague and is a promising kickboxing talent: in fact, she is the Dutch champion. During training, she is a striking figure among the older boys. She dreams of shining at the biggest fighting galas and writing history. While Esma is preparing for a thrilling bout, her mother – who has been seriously ill for quite some time – is admitted to hospital. Esma lives in constant fear of losing her. But she tries to put on a brave face and finds it hard to show her vulnerability.



Director(s) Cassandra Offenberg
Producer(s) Maarten Kuit
Production Company Hazazah Pictures
Sam Godfried
Director of Photography
Sound Design
Sound on Set
Wouter van den Boogaard
Justin Welraven
TV Company
Graphic Design
Abel van Erkel
Production Country