A girl tries to get closer to her sister, who is covered with a peculiar grey fur. But no matter what she tries, she can’t get through to her sister in this touching story about sorrow. Playfully drawn animation for the whole family.
A girl tries all sorts of things, but she can’t break through her sister’s grey, hairy coat. Her sister withdraws further and further into her protective pelt, as if she is afraid of the world. Her fur is soft but grim and grows thicker and thicker. How can the girl get through to her sister? Short animation for the whole family about sorrow and how hard it is to deal with it for someone else.


Sound Design
Production company
Thijme Grol
Distributor NL
Kapitein Kort

Title: Vacht
Year: 2022
Duration : 6 minutes
Category: Short Feature
Theme: Animatie, Family, Body & Mind
Edition: NFF 2022