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You have never experienced time like this, in a cocktail of drama, a chatbot and an audiovisual on-site performance.

In a digital era when life is in top gear, To Be Continued challenges our relationship with technology and our perception of time. In this production, technology plays the leading role. After a bot uses Telegram to analyse the visitors’ time perception, it presents the Now in an AV installation. In a unique combination of theatre, the chatbot’s findings and audiovisual on-site performance, it shows the impact of digital culture on our time perception. All this to a soundtrack of fully electronically generated music, inspired by the world of interfaces and apps. To Be Continued is a collaboration between theatre company Nineties, video artist Noralie, interactive design studio Moniker and musician/producer Philipp Thimm.

This production can only be experienced with a smartphone and uses messenger service Telegram. By buying a ticket you agree to the use of this platform. Your contact details remain protected and are not shared with other users or companies. Telegram offers more privacy and security options than Whatsapp and can also be used without sharing your mobile phone number. Click here for the FAQ for more information about Telegram.

Instructions on how to download Telegram will be emailed to you after purchasing a ticket.

Disclaimer: The theatrical installation uses strobe effects and smoke


Executive producer
Interface & Interaction Design
Technical realisation
Concept Developer
Production company

Category: Digital culture project

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