Forget the cryptocurrency mania and the NFT hype – invest in ant colonies or Alpine meadows. In this computer simulation, financial investments come with an ecological price tag.
What if ecosystems became the engine of global trade? In the installation The Environmentalist Stock Exchange, visitors can invest in animal and plant species. Each transaction feeds into the simulation, causing plants and animals to flourish, or even increase in number to such an extent that they disrupt the ecosystem. This project by design duo Cream on Chrome uses the language of the stock market to spark a conversation about value systems. Follow the developments on the green charts and spot investment opportunities. You don’t speculate on the ESX only for financial gain, but also for literal organic growth. The better an ecosystem performs and is in balance, the higher the profit. Through this exchange (or entanglement), festival visitors literally become ‘invested’ in the well-being of ant colonies, the Alps, rivers and urban fauna. What species or geographic regions could do with a financial boost? Come and find out!


Production Design
Visual Effects
Interface & Interaction Design
Technical realisation
Production company
Cream on Chrome

Title: The Environmentalist Stock Exchange
Year: 2022
Duration : 3 minutes
Category: Digital culture project
Theme: Society, Politics
Edition: NFF 2022