Douwe Macaré and Nassim Guammaz are professional skateboarders. In the buildup to the 2021 Olympics, they have to choose: work very hard to qualify or stay true to the skating culture?
Nassim sees the Olympic Games as a threat to pure skateboarding and the skating culture. Douwe works day and night in an attempt to qualify. What happens to the uninhibited and playful character of skateboarding when it becomes an Olympic sport? 'Play is a free activity that can’t be mixed with commerce, political or social propaganda and interests', said historian Johan Huizinga (Homo Ludens, 1938). This philosophical documentary looks at what the performance society does to play (skateboard) and consequently also to our culture.


Executive producer
Set geluid
Sound editing
Production company
Dutch Mountain Film
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Title: Teledoc Campus - De kunst van het spelen
Year: 2022
Duration : 25 minutes
Category: Short documentary
Theme: Identity
Edition: NFF 2022

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