Gripping war drama about the friendship between Hannah Goslar and Anne Frank. When WW II breaks out, the two friends see how shortly after the Nazis occupy Amsterdam. The girls get separated when the Frank family goes into hiding.
This very first Dutch theatrical movie about Anne Frank tells the gripping story of Hannah Goslar and her special friendship with Anne. Hannah and Anne are best friends when World War II erupts and the Nazis take over Amsterdam. When the Frank family eventually goes into hiding, the girls lose sight of each other. Three years later, in 1945, there is a special meeting between the two girls in concentration camp Bergen-Belsen. The courageous Hannah puts her life at risk to help her seriously weakened friend.

Title: Mijn beste vriendin Anne Frank
Year: 2021
Duration : 1 hour, 42 minutes
Category: Feature fiction film
Theme: Youth, Society, Politics, De grens bereikt
Edition: NFF 2022

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