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How do actors in the post-#MeToo era look back at intimate scenes and what do they think about the arrival of the intimacy coordinator? From her experience as an actress and filmmaker, Tamar van den Dop talks to several past and present icons.
Actress and director Tamar van den Dop looks back, along with several actors and actresses, at intimate scenes they performed in. She uses these as a base to discuss the discomfort underlying such shootings. How did the preparation go, the shooting itself, and how does a scene look now, looking at it with the benefit of hindsight? They feel moved, ashamed and embarrassed, but pride and joy are also written on the actors’ faces when they look at their younger selves. An extraordinary trip through Dutch cinema, from the 1960s until today.
Poster Mag ik je aanraken?

Category: Feature documentary
Theme: Society

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