Like Oink, this prequel, which reveals how the rat’s tails ended up in the competition sausage 25 years ago, is an instant classic.
When Greetje’s father, butcher Tuitjes, kindles the rivalry with his Italian competitor Smakkerelli, the once so pastoral village of Moppel is topsy-turvy. Tuitjes loses customers, and Greetje may lose the love of her life Nol. The fact is, the two sworn enemies have agreed that the loser of the competition of the Association of Meat Products from Fresh Pigs will forever leave the village. For Greetje, the annual sausage competition is a devilish dilemma: Will she choose for her father or for herself? With its charm and irony, this prequel to the applauded stop-motion feature Oink is every bit as entertaining as its big brother.


Executive producer
Production Design
Sound Design
Sound editing
Visual Effects

Title: Koning Worst
Year: 2022
Duration : 22 minutes
Category: Short Feature
Theme: Animatie, Family, Love & Romance
Edition: NFF 2022