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This animated documentary series on Instagram examines how crimes by people in WWII still have repercussions on the present. Part detective thriller, part personal essay. A family history with some black pages.
The core of this animated documentary is the personal quest by one of its creators, Eline Jongsma. She grew up without knowing anything about her great-grandfather, an NSB mayor notorious for his penchant for violence and known as 'Crazy Gerrit'. After the war, this disgrace was erased from the family history. But secrets cannot stay hidden forever, and Eline grows obsessed with reconstructing his story, even if she learns that he may not be the only perpetrator hidden in her family tree. The investigation, unfolding across ten episodes of three minutes each, sheds light on a dark corner of Europe’s past.


Sound Design
Interface & Interaction Design
Production company
Jongsma + O'Neill
Good Name Media
Interface & Interaction Design
Imagination of Things
Kamp Westerbork

Category: Digital culture project
Theme: Animatie