Documentary about one of the most controversial Dutch renovations today: the overhaul of Soestdijk Palace. The film follows the ambitious renovation team, stakeholders and opponents for several years.
The Netherlands is preparing for the controversial renovation of Soestdijk Palace. For a few years, in his characteristic style, the idiosyncratic documentary filmmaker Frans Bromet follows the team that has to realise the steep ambitions. But the obstacles stretch beyond the palace and its direct environment. After all, the renovation and innovative new section also have consequences for the surrounding municipalities Soest and Baarn. Will the team manage to create a new beating Dutch cultural heart while preserving the royal heritage?


Executive producer
Sound Design
Set geluid
Production company
Talent United
TV company
Evangelische Omroep (EO)

Title: Het nieuwe Soestdijk
Year: 2022
Duration : 1 hour, 30 minutes
Category: Feature documentary
Theme: Art & Culture, Society
Edition: NFF 2022