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Live from Nollywood, the epicentre of the African movie industry, Nigerian performers establish contact with a European theatre audience. We look at them, but how do they look at us - and we at ourselves?
Studio Dries Verhoeven and Kininso Koncepts join forces in a live stream of a performance about the relationship between Africa and the global North. In a film studio by the beach of Lagos, they analyse the archetypical images of Africa, as they appear in Western media: swelling refugee flows, desperate victims, but also Internet swindlers and black sex objects. European theatregoers follow the uneasy presentation live, via a fast Internet connection. Soon, the viewing angle reverses; with a slow-moving webcam, the Nigeri­an performers examine the audience and reduce the distance between both worlds.

Category: Digital culture project

Gouden Kalf winner

Best Digital Culture Production (2023)
Dries Verhoeven
Best Digital Culture Production (2023)
Kininso Koncepts