As a boy, the Rotterdam-based stunt man Nick Holiday dreamt of following in his legendary father’s footsteps. Nick grows up and lives his dream. Until disillusionment strikes, as this documentary shows.
Nick jr. (47) was brought up on stunt work by his legendary father Nick Holiday, who in the 1980s set world records as a stunt man. But even his father’s gruelling training could not prepare Nick jr. for the serious ordeal awaiting him. This documentary introduces us to the life of a stunt man: the hardships, the sacrifices, the love between father and son and the euphoria of the perfect stunt.


Executive producer
Production company
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Mrs. Frank
Distributor NL
De Ontmoeting

Title: De Ontmoeting - In het bloed
Year: 2022
Duration : 8 minutes
Category: Short documentary
Theme: Family
Edition: NFF 2022


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