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How inclusive is our visual culture if artificial intelligence creates the images? Spoiler alert: not really. This asks for a creative intervention.
We are on the eve of the large-scale breakthrough of artificial intelligence, which will reach beyond things like ChatGPT. In the future, artificial intelligence will be visually dominant. Many of the images that currently come to us via the media are increasingly created by generative AI tools like DALL-E. The impact this has on our visual culture and our collective consciousness is huge. But unfortunately these tools are still trained on the basis of existing data sets, full of stereotypes and prejudices. The interactive installation Ctrl.Alt.Img by photographer and Moslima podcast maker Çiğdem Yüksel, studio affect lab, documentary studio Prospektor and creative technologist Babusi Nyoni, wants to inspire us to shape an inclusive visual culture.


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affect lab

Category: Digital culture project