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Modern technology transports you to a prehistoric cave. Immerse yourself in a deep 3D listening experience while a group of virtual cave dwellers perform an intriguing ritual.
Research shows that caves with the most complex acoustics also contain the most wall paintings. Prehistoric cave dwellers thus listened carefully to the reverberations and echoes of the spaces where they performed their musical rituals. They used their voices for singing, positioning in darkness, or to indicate the size of a cave. We have lost that listening skill, but CAVES gives you a glimpse of the past. Spiritual harmonies are recorded in spatial/3D audio, allowing you to experience what it sounds like to be surrounded by an intimate choir in the middle of an immense cave. The work was composed and directed by Amsterdam based Alex Raúl, composer, filmmaker, interdisciplinary artist, and art director Bats Bronsveld. The work had its première at the Opera Forward Festival.


Concept Developer
Sound Design
Concept Developer
Alex Raúl
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Alex Raúl

Category: Digital culture project
Theme: Animatie