Drama in which two young men during Dutch Remembrance Day 1970 make a statement against anti-gay discrimination. This short drama shows their doubts, fears and convictions.
On 4 May 1970, during Dutch Remembrance Day on the Amsterdam Dam Square, two young men make a statement againstanti-gay discrimination. Until 1970, gay people who had died in World War II were not officially remembered. A request to lay a wreath during the ceremony was rejected by the Committee, but Ad and Enno do not acquiesce. Defying the authorities, they decide to lay a wreath themselves. Short drama about civil disobedience and the struggle for social justice, based on a true story.


Executive producer
Production Design
Set geluid
Sound editing

Title: AYOR
Year: 2021
Duration : 12 minutes
Category: Short Feature
Theme: LGBTQ+, Historic
Edition: NFF 2021