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A compelling Virtual Reality installation, room-size. Step into the studio of one of the most influential contemporary female British architects, and step into her life.
Welcome to the studio of the British brutalist architect Alison Smithson. The space she used to work in no longer exists as such; the furniture was divided among various art institutions, including the Netherlands Architecture Institute and the Harvard University Library. Still, taking a single photograph as a starting point, designer Paula Strunden reconstructs this workspace with virtual and mixed reality technologies as well as physical objects, and she brings to life texts, drawings and architectural projects that Smithson turned out between 1956 and 1996. Experience this unique space that no longer exists, step into a fictitious moment from Alison’s life and explore the space between historical truth and narrative truth. In 2020, Paula Strunden was nominated for a Golden Calf with her Weightless Bricks Act II: Collaboration.


Concept Developer
Still photography
Graphics Design
Technical realisation
Production company
Paula Strunden Studio
Het Nieuwe Instituut
Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Category: Digital culture project