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Affectionate tribute to the Catalan dance collective Liant la Troca, some of whose performers have a physical disability. The documentary gives candid insights into the dancers’ lives, embedded in exuberant dance scenes.

Portrait of the flamboyant Liant la Troca dance collective from Barcelona, some of whose performers have physical disabilities. The hybrid film, constantly blending documentary and dance, follows different dancers while they express their individual stories in their performances. Sensual, exuberant and provocative choreographies alternate in the theatre, on a square, in the woods or in a living room. At the same time, the performers provide candid insights in the challenges they face on a daily basis. This way, the film offers a glimpse of human resilience and love and is an enchanting plea for inclusivity.

Apart from a Dutch sign language interpreter, this programme will probably have a speech-to-text interpreter.


Executive producer
Sound Design
Set geluid
Sound editing
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Category: Feature documentary
Theme: Dance


Gouden Kalf nominees

Beste Lange Documentaire (2023)
Jos de Putter
Beste Lange Documentaire (2023)
Clara van Gool