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The Syrian uprising changes an aspiring video journalist. She no longer focuses on the joyful sides of life in Damascus, but on a new reality with a profound impact. This documentary turns her into the unforeseen narrator of her own fate.
Lina wanted to be a camerawoman, to capture her environment and loved ones in Damascus. But with the Syrian uprising it did not take not long before arrests, torture and potentially life-threatening situations became her daily reality. So Lina invented characters and pseudonyms that helped her lead her life under a new standard. What began as a simple plan turned into a complex game with a web of identities. A small price for the freedom and opportunity to hold the camera.


Production company
No Nation Films
Co-production company
Stichting Docmakers
Piraya Film
Postproduction company
Convoi Studio
Distributor NL
Cinema Delicatessen

Category: Feature documentary
Theme: Society, Politics

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