De kleine blonde dood

Jean van de Velde Feature film - 1993 - 92 min.

Gouden Kalf-winnaar

Beste Film Rob Houwer

NFF Archive

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Feature film based on the partly-autobiographical novel by Boudewijn Büch. To reveal more emotions and make the film more accessible, director and scriptwriter Van der Velde concentrates on the protagonist's present, rather than, as in the book, on his childhood memories. A promising young writer tries to forget his unhappy youth with an immoderate way of life. When he makes one of his former teachers pregnant, the writer does everything in his power to resist his imminent fatherhood. Even after the birth of his son, the writer continues to have problems with being a father. Until he discovers that the unstable mother has hit their child and he takes the boy home with him. When the little boy is severely injured after a fall form the stairs, the writer becomes aware of the benefits of getting involved with something as vulnerable as another human being, but also of the risks. The film was awarded the Golden Calf for Best Full-length Feature Film.


Director(s) Jean van de Velde
Producer(s) Rob Houwer
Production Company
Verenigde Nederlandsche Filmcompagnie
Director of Photography
Production Design
Freek Biesiot
Victorine Habets
Ad Roest
Sound on Set
Production Country