Bolletjes blues

Karin Junger, Brigit Hillenius Feature film - 2006 - 90 min.

Gouden Kalf-winnaar

Beste Muziek Tymen GeurtsJos JansenBart van de LisdonkGiorgio Tuinfort

Gouden Kalf-nominatie

Beste Acteur Maurits Delchot

Beste Production Design Vincent de Pater

Beste Scenario Brigit HilleniusKarin Junger

NFF Archive

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Urban hip hop film featuring well-known Dutch rappers addresses the issue of mules (cocaine smugglers) in feature film form. Spike (Maurits Negativ Delchot) comes from Suriname to Holland at a young age to get an education. He moves in with his infirm aunt in the Bijlmer. But he cannot settle in at school and, pressed for money, joins the gang of Delano (Sugacane) for some pilfering. The world of bling bling, doekoe (money) and status pleases Spike, even though he lives behind chicken wire in the basement. Then, he falls in love with shopkeeper's daughter Rosalie (Sophie van Oers) and wants to make some real money. His first trip as a drugs courier to Suriname does not go as planned. The directors opted for the alternation of tough, realistic scene with scenes with singing or rapping to tell a 'tragic but swinging story'. They also filmed as much as possible on location with youngsters from the streets. The apt raps also come across as being authentic.


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Ad van Doorn
Henk Baard
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