Day 2: The Holodeck: What is real? | 28 september


Technology is all around us and changes virtually every aspect of our daily practise. What is still ‘real’ in a time of Virtual and Augmented Reality, social media and other communication platforms? And how does this change our view of our existence? On the basis of Janet Murray’s 1990s classic study Hamlet on the Holodeck, we will look for an answer to this question with Dutch thinkers, writers, activists and film and game creators, and we will show the literary algorithms, alternate reality games, live streams, filmmaker bots and virtual reality experiences that are the outcome of this quest. A day about the state of reality, beauty and imagination. 
The Holodeck: What is real? Afternoon

Thursday afternoon 13:00 – 18:00, SSBU - Blauwe Zaal

What is real? In the 1990s, author Janet Murray used Shakespeare and Star Trek to answer this question in her study Hamlet on the Holodeck. On Thursday afternoon, Interactive: Storyspace does so with regard to the Dutch creative industry. In what way is ‘reality’ a tool for the visual artist? Murray herself opens the afternoon with a keynote speech looking at the propositions from her book in the light of the latest developments. Next, the floor is given to thinkers, curators, writers, game and film makers, including Bas Haring and Shari Frilot. Floris Kaayk launches his latest project Next Space Rebels, and the rest of the afternoon will be filled with literary algorithms, radical reality, computer-language poetry, live streams, independently operating film-maker bots and futuristic universes in VR, MR and AR, built by game and film makers.

On utopian thought, beauty and imagination Evening

Thursday evening 20:00 – 22:00, SSBU - Blauwe Zaal

A scintillating evening with titillating candy for the mind. We get acquainted with visual creators who astound us with their visual, kinetic, interactive or reactive experiments, such as Nick Verstand, Mariska de Groot and Ruben van Leer, but also art director Jan Bart van Beek and lead concept artist Roland IJzermans of Horizon Zero Dawn, Guerrilla Games’ latest global hit. This science fiction game is set in a post-apocalyptic and hand-designed world featuring majestic mountain ranges, dense jungles and crowded settlements. 

Juha van ‘t Zelfde talks about the ease of thinking, sketching and communicating in video. HD is the new A4 in his new temporary master’s programme (MA) Film, Design and Propaganda, called Shadow Channel. As a utopian conduit, Shadow Channel accommodates under-represented voices in reaction to platform capitalism, post-truth politics and the rise of neo-fascism. 

The grand finale of the night is a collective and interactive experience, brought to you by Steye Hallema of the Smartphone Orchestra and Caspar Sonnen of IDFA Doclab. Bring your charged phones and immerse yourself! Closing drink in Zindering.