Day 1: Tactics & Strategies | 27 september


The Dutch digital creative industry is made up of different types of people and their organisations. How do they cooperate; are they rivals or colleagues? Inspired by the theories of sociologist Michel de Certeau, we look at how the ‘strategies’ of the establishment are hacked by the ’tactics' of the individual and we explore the Dutch creative tension field: Where are the conflicts and collisions and what does it generate? And which new forms does this then yield?

In this programme section, institutes, labs, meet-up groups, artists, broadcasters, art labs, hackers, filmmakers and educational institutions demonstrate which creative methods they employ to tell new stories. Using new tools, with an open attitude, they discover virgin territory by visualising, exploring, developing, learning and sharing. What is the best way to do this? That is the expertise of our keynote speaker Zachary Lieberman. As an artist, coder and teacher, he offers a glimpse behind the scenes of his New York-based School for Poetic Computation, which has as its creed ‘More Poetry, Less Demo!’
Professional profile AV: State-of-the-Art Morning

Wednesday morning 27 Sep, 09:00 – 13:00, SSBU – Blauwe Zaal

Which trends influence the day-to-day practice of Dutch film professionals? How do you move forward as a film professional? Debate between professionals, before an audience, preceded by a lecture by Janet Murray on digital storytelling.

You can register for this programme at no cost.

Cooperation, order and disorder Afternoon

Wednesday 27 Sep, 14:00 - 18:00, SSBU – Blauwe Zaal

Move between order and disorder, when the NFF on Wednesday afternoon scrutinizes the Dutch creative community in Michel de Certeau’s spirit. Like the French sociologist described the daily practice, NFF Interactive: Storyspace wonders: Which Dutch parties determine the ordering strategies? And who perform disordering tactics? Institutes, festivals, art labs and filmmakers at the heart of the force field demonstrate what the collisions in this field can bring. Kicked off by the opening keynote by artist, coder and teacher Zachary Lieberman, we move through this new world. From a spiritual view on technology, conservation of interactive content from festivals, stories in VR, AR and MR by various makers and educational institutions, to the VPRO Medialab, which has been focusing on new narrative techniques outside the Hilversum bubble for two years now.

Meet the MeetupsEvening

Wednesday evening 27 Sep, 20:00 – 22:00, SSBU - Blauwe Zaal 

Using programming language as a medium and creative tool, these new (media) makers share their knowledge and experiences: within their own communities, mutually, but tonight also with their audience. The programme will not focus on the function of technology, but rather on the possibility of creative expressive a.k.a. Creative Coding. Get acquainted with the four most energetic meetups in the field: Interactive Storytelling Meetup, Creative Coding Amsterdam/Utrecht, VR Base and Hackers&Designers. 

Get to know the meetups, share your knowledge and ideas and look at their best plans from the past year. The evening is concluded with the presentations of the Masterclasses, when the collaborating teams, who have toiled, sweated and explored all day long, share their findings about VR/AR, Mobile Choreography and Chatbots. The night will end with the Duo Disco in the Blauwe Zaal: a festive drink, combined with an interactive disco game. Bring your charged smartphones and earphones! 

Meet the Meetups is made possible by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and EYE.