HFM-project SUMMER 1993 wins in Berlin

20 February 2017

SUMMER 1993 has won both the First Feature Award and Grand Prix of the Generation Kplus International Jury at the 67th Internation Film Festival Berlin. Carla Simón’s heavily autobiographical feature debut has re-united the director with producer Valérie Delpierre of Barcelona-based Inicia Films. The pair worked together on Simón’s graduation short Las pequeñas cosas.

Summer 1993 tells the story of a six-year old girl, also called Carla, who must face her first summer with adoptive parents following the death of her mother. 

“I can work easily with Carla,” comments Delpierre. “She is someone I can share and communicate with. She is flexible and at the same time has very clear ideas. I feel comfortable with her and trust her to be able to work within the movie process without losing her spirit, because making a film, no matter if you are a producer, an actor or a director, is all about teamwork.”

SUMMER 1993 was part of Holland Film Meeting's Co-Production Platform in 2015. After extensive deliberation the 2015 HFM Co-Production Platform selection was comprised of 20 entertaining and thought-provoking Dutch and international film projects from 13 different nationalities. They were presented to a wide group of international cinema's most important and influential financiers, distributors, sales agents and co-producers.