HFM Awards

During the Holland Film Meeting the representatives of all selected projects have the chance to receive professional feedback on their soon-to-be films, attend to coaching sessions, seminars and workshops. But there is more. Much more. During this four day event, two different juries (HFM Project in Development Awards & Work-in-Progress Awards) observe the project pitches and presentations, and attend the screenings in order to select the winner-projects of the current edition. Two promising selected HFM Projects in Development, and two outstanding HFM Works-in-Progress receive a prize. The Award Ceremony takes place each year during the Closing Night of the Holland Film Meeting.

These are the HFM Awards:

HFM Projects in Development

• The Cam-a-lot & Filmmore Cinema Emerging Talent Prize for the Best Project 
Valued at €10.000 in camera and post-production facilities.

• The WarnierPosta Prize 
Valued at €5.000 in audio post-production facilities in one of the WarnierPosta studios. 

In addition the Holland Film Meeting continues its close association with the Cannes' Producers Network which will enable a HFM Project in Development producer to benefit from full Producers Network accreditation in 2017.

Winners in previous editions here.

HFM Work-in-Progress

• The Filmmore HFM Work-in-Progress Prize 
Valued at €5.000 in facility services.

Winners in previous editions here .

The HFM Project in Development and the HFM Work-in-Progress prizes are offered by: