Goede daden bij daglicht - That's No Way To Kill Your Mother

Goede daden bij daglicht (Good Deeds by Daylight) is a series of short TV dramas about people's shadow-side. Without moralising, the episodes show what happens if that meticulously hidden side emerges. In That's No Way to Kill Your Mother, Cor (24) finds out that he is no longer welcome in his parents' home in a barren new estate in Flevoland. He wants revenge and finds a defenceless weapon in the form of his younger brother Hennie, who is a little slower than most people.
Production year1997
Length22 minutes
Production countryNetherlands
DirectorRobert Wiering
ProducerRenée ten Hooven
ScenarioHeere Heeresma jr.
CameraErik Zuyderhoff
Set GeluidAlex Booy
EditorHans Brummer
Production companyVPRO TV