New Dutch

Under the umbrella of “New Dutch” a curated selection of the most exciting new projects in Dutch fiction, documentary, animation and interactive/digital storytelling will be presented to our international network.

The projects - ranging in status from advanced script stage to post-production - will receive a tailor-made trajectory to best accommodate their individual goals and wishes, and to prepare them for a life far beyond the borders of the Netherlands. This includes one-on-one curated meetings with (inter)national industry; film festival programmers, sales agents, distributors and broadcasters.

In previous editions, New Dutch programme has offered to projects in the selection, the expertise and guidance from professionals such as Jane Tattersall (audio post-production, Canada), Salma Abdalla (Autlook Filmsales, Austria), Michel Reilhac (transmedia producer and VR filmmaker, France), Silje Nikoline Glimsdal (TrustNordisk, Denmark), Sacha Pollack (film director, the Netherlands), Laura Bell (music supervisor, Australia/the Netherlands) or Miga Bär (post-production expert, the Netherlands) amongst others.


The HFM New Dutch programme will start with plenary and training sessions in August and September, continuing with experts´ one-on-one sessions in September.

The HFM Market days will take place from Sunday through Tuesday, September 25th - 27th 2022.

HFM Lab programme

The programme consists of several plenary and training sessions during August and September geared towards your project’s creative deepening and marketplace potential. It will start ahead of the actual film festival and the HFM Market days, and its duration and focus are different depending on the scheme the project has been selected for. BoostNL, Stories & Beyond and New Dutch are part of the HFM Lab programme.

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