Stories & Beyond

Stories & Beyond provides screen­writers with the possi­bility to meet with repre­sen­ta­tives from the inter­na­tional industry through indi­vidual coaching sessions and inten­sive workshops. 

The focus of this programme is the cross-polli­na­tion between writers, producers and other experts from different coun­tries and back­grounds. Through this, the programme aims to encourage screen­writers in a rela­tively early stage of the film­making process to begin exploring the inter­na­tional poten­tial of their even­tual films.

Previous editions of Stories & Beyond have included projects from the Nether­lands, Flan­ders, Wallonia, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Experts included members of the Dutch film industry such as Hein van Joolen (Gusto Ent), Ilse Ronteltap (Nether­lands Film Fund), Nelleke Driessen (Nine Film), Esther Bannen­berg (Toto Cinema), and Robert Alberd­ingk Thijm (screen­writer); as well as inter­na­tional profes­sionals such as Peter Bouck­aert (Eyeworks, Belgium), Cate Kane (Curzon, UK), Katie Ellen (BFI, UK), Jasper van Hecke (Universal Pictures, UK), Ramona Sehr (ARRI Media, Germany), and Manola Novelli (Pluto Film, Germany).


The 2021 Lab begins over the course of August 2021. The HFM festival programme will be from Thursday September 30 to Saturday October 2, 2021.
The focus coun­tries for 2021 are France, Indonesia, and South-Africa.

HFM projects programme

The programme is shaped like a multiple-week creative lab. It consists of plenary work­shops, one-to-one expert meet­ings, and other events geared towards your project’s creative deep­ening and market­place poten­tial. It starts ahead of the actual film festival and HFM Forum, and its dura­tion and focus are different depending on the scheme the project has been selected for. BoostNL, Stories & Beyond and New Dutch are part of the HFM projects programme.

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