Holland Film Meeting announces winners HFM Awards 2020

Thirty highly promising and ambi­tious new feature projects from across the globe were presented at the online Holland Film Meeting (HFM) last week. As one of Europe’s must attend inter­na­tional exchange plat­forms for profes­sional collab­o­ra­tion and creative devel­op­ment, the HFM creates a bridge between the Dutch and inter­na­tional film indus­tries. Tonight the HFM Awards Cere­mony 2020 took place online, hosted live from Utrecht – HFM’s home­town. The four prize cate­gories of this year were the NFF Script Devel­op­ment Award, Camalot/​Filmmore Emerging Cinema Award, Works-in-Progress Award spon­sored by Inter­mis­sion Film and the HFM Market Poten­tial Award. You can find the complete HFM selec­tion list of 2020 here.

The Winners of 2020

NFF Script Devel­op­ment Award: Marina (Brazil)
Marina, the only black teen in her wealthy private school, prepares for her dreamed 15th birthday party. Mean­while, dozens of bodies with bullets holes are found in her trop­ical home­town. She remains unaf­fected, until she starts hanging out with Pedro, the seam­stress’ son, a guy that could be her first love or the next body gunned down.Director and screen­play: Laís Santos Araújo & Pethrus Tibúrcio (Aguda Cinema) Producers: Nara Aragão & João Vieira Jr. (Carnaval Filmes) Special jury mention for Holy Elec­tricity – Tato Kotetishvili, Tekla Machavar­iani, Irakli Metreveli (Ogasavara). The jury consisted of Anna Ciennik (script consul­tant, France), David Kimbangi (Film4, UK) and Susan Korda (story & post-produc­tion consul­tant, USA).
HFM Market Poten­tial Award: This Is Home (UK)
When a quiet young heroin dealer falls in love with the guy who stashes his drugs, and an over­weight shop-keeper falls for the home­less girl across the street, they struggle to find a way to tran­scend their real­i­ties and create new ways to be free…Director: TBC Screen­play: Silas Parry Producer: Gill Parry (feral inc.) Special jury mention for Holy Elec­tricity – Tato Kotetishvili, Tekla Machavar­iani, Irakli Metreveli (Ogasavara). The jury consisted of Mathias Noschis (Alpha­Panda, Germany), Debbie Rowland (We Are The Tonic, UK) and Sergina Stavroulaki (Heretic Outreach, Greece).
Camalot/​Filmmore Emerging Cinema Award: Holy Elec­tricity (Georgia/​The Netherlands)
Nika and Nodo, two crusaders in contem­po­rary Tbilisi, smell busi­ness oppor­tu­ni­ties when giant neon cruci­fixes appear around town. But selling home-size copies door-to-door turns out less successful than thought. Adding \‘holy elec­tricity\’ as an extra feature seems lucra­tive, but Nika fears to be doomed to hell. Director and screen­play: Tato Kotetishvili Producers: Irakli Metreveli (Ogasavara Studio), Tekla Machavar­iani (Nushi Film) Co-producer: The Film Kitchen (NL) Special jury mention for Good Enough:Burnout Diary – Dario van Vree, Eveline Hagen­beek, Tünde Vollen­broek (Studio Pupil). The jury consisted of Charles Bin (Best Friend Forever Sales, Belgium), Karla Quin­tero (Inter­na­tional Film Festival Panama) and Jane Tatter­sall (SIM Inter­na­tional, Canada).
Works-in-Progress Award spon­sored by Inter­mis­sion Film: Anouschka (The Netherlands)
An inter­ac­tive produc­tion about a magical black girl\‘s journey through space and time. Director: Tamara Shogaolu Screen­play: Sandy Bosmans & Elinor Vander­burg Producers: Jamari Perry, Tamara Shogaolu & Marcela Stolz­mann (Ado Ato Produc­tions) Special jury mentions for Nosferatu Rean­i­mated – Erik van Schaaik, Moniek Kramer, Ate de Jong (Mulhol­land Pictures); Wood – Flynn von Kleist, Matthijs Bock­ting, Guusje van Deuren (The Rogues); en Black Pete, or: How I Found My True Self and Acci­den­tally Unleashed a Race War – Gonzalo Fernandez, Ashar Medina, Marc Bary (IJswater Films). The jury consisted of Edgar Daarn­houwer (Paradiso Filmed Enter­tain­ment, Benelux), Anne-Sophie Lehec (Cine​market​.io, France/​Germany) and James Warren (Inter­mis­sion Film, Netherlands/​UK/​USA). Read inter­views with the winners
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