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Hier vind je de Holland Film Meeting selectie van 2019. Lees meer over hun projecten en doelstellingen in de Holland Film Meeting interviews.

Lees hier de interviews van 2019

  • 100UP

    In 100UP we meet a colourful collection of 100+ year olds with different backgrounds and cultures, all of whom are still enjoying life. 

    100UP is a film which investigates the will to live . It portrays a colourful selection of 100+ year people from all over the world. They have lived for over a century and witnessed great historical events, but instead of dwelling on the past, they look ahead. With the clock inevitably ticking, these centenarians cling to life, set new goals with a joie de vivre, refusing to brood or admit the betrayal of their deteriorating bodies. Time is both their enemy and their friend. They have overcome diseases, lost partners and often survived their own children. Nevertheless, these active, curious and creative 100+ year olds are amazingly good at restarting every new day.

    Director: Heddy Honigmann
    Producer: Dutch Mountain Film

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    While the date of the demolishment of the illegal slum, La Cañada Real just outside Madrid, approaches, we follow the daily lives of the members of a gypsy family living in this shanty town. Each character struggles with life in transit in his or her own way.

    The Spanish gypsy family Gabarre-Mendoza is celebrating the birthday of three year old Davíd, when suddenly their celebration is interrupted by a police inspection. In La Cañada Real, an illegal shanty town just outside Madrid, the official authorities put pressure on the inhabitants to leave their homes, as the land has been sold and new development plans have been approved. While father Davíd Sr (38) at first is in disbelief about the reality of the plans, he soon learns they’re real when their neighbours and best friends, are the first to be evicted. In the meantime, all the children of the family struggle in their own way with their new unstable position in life. When the family receives a letter from the municipality, announcing the date of the demolishment of their house, they have to move and pack up everything they own. Afterwards, when they all eat together in a fast-food restaurant their resilience is tangible, despite their forced separation, they belong together.

    Director: Isabel Muruzábal Lamberti
    Screenwriters: Isabel Muruzábal Lamberti & Lenina Ungari
    Producer: IJswater Films



    The incredible story of a sculpture that that died on its way to the moon. 

    In 1971 the Belgian artist Paul van Hoeydonck succeeded to send one of his works of art to the moon on an Apollo flight. As a message to the future. Without his knowledge his ‘Space Traveller’ was renamed to ‘Fallen Astronaut’ by NASA and it became part of a memorial commemorating the death of 14 astronauts and cosmonauts. Van Hoeydonck, who though that his small moon sculpture would make him more famous than Picasso, found himself entangled in one of the most controversial scandals of the Apollo space programme. And his small work of art was passed into oblivion. For the first time after almost fifty years the artist has now consented to participate in a documentary about the fascinating history of one of the most intriguing achievements of the space programme: placing the first and only work of art on the moon.

    Director: Frank Herrebout
    Producer: Lagestee Film BV


    The Dutch KIM (25) is looking for revenge when she escapes into a fanciful correspondence with the American death-row inmate MATEO (28), who is responsible for putting Kim’s husband LUC (27) into a coma, but she finds the opposite.

    KIM (25), a Dutch woman, escapes into a fanciful correspondence with the American death-row inmate MATEO (28). He’s responsible for putting Kim’s husband LUC (27) into a coma, a state he has been in for some time now. Kim is looking for revenge but she slowly falls in love with Mateo. He teaches her to let her husband Luc go and turn back to reality to pick up her life.

    Director: Mark de Cloe
    Screenwriter: Marieke van de Pol
    Producer: NL Film


    Home is the place where love is unconditional.

    I Don’t Wanna Dance is a coming-of-age story about Joey, a 13 year-old boy who needs to decide whether to pull out of the
    destructive dance with his mother, or stay with her at the cost of his own happiness.

    Director: Flynn von Kleist
    Screenwriter: Jeroen Scholten van Aschat
    Producer: The Rogues

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    Immer Gerade Aus (Berlin Blues) is a zany tragicomedy – an urban adventure movie that follows a motley crew and their larger-than-life pursuit of happiness in our post-truth Europe.

    Immer Gerade Aus (Berlin Blues) trails six strangers from all walks of life, who attempt to flee their personal problems, and seek enlightenment from “mother Berlin”. All six have individual reasons for fleeing to Berlin, if only for a short while, and the alibi is to learn German. However, their language venture quickly goes beyond exploring verb conjugations and grammatical genders. As all good students of life do, the colorful characters explore the depths of Berlin’s concerts, art clubs, and underground music venues, and even swim in the river Spree; they dance, drink, and cry to the heartbeat of Berlin.

    Director: Anna van der Heide
    Screenwriter: Anne Barnhoorn
    Producer: Pupkin

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    An independent female farmer shares the bed with her three farm hands, but when she transforms a young deserter into her chosen one, jealousy ignites.

    Jildau is a neo-noir about an independent female farmer who saves the life of a badly injured deserter. Her three farm hands, with whom she shares the bed on Sundays by rotation, ignite into jealousy when she transforms the young stranger into her chosen one. Passion drives all in the direction of a tragedy.

    Director: Fedde Hoekstra
    Screenwriters: Marlais Olijrhook & Fedde Hoekstra
    Producers: Fedde Hoekstra & Moniek Baars

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  • OIL

    Kris, a misfit suburb kid from Rotterdam is sent to lie low in a Turkish village, where he forms an unlikely friendship with an oil wrestler.

    Kris, an angry suburb kid from Rotterdam with a Turkish mother and Dutch father, is struggling to make sense of his broken family and his misfit group of friends. After a criminal act, Kris’ mother feels her best option is to send him to a small town in Turkey to stay with his grandparents. There Kris meets Bora, a shy young Turkish farmer. Despite their differences, the two boys find acceptance from each other and become friends. Bora also introduces Kris to the tradition of Oil Wrestling – the high discipline and the combination of masculinity and sensuality of the sport is something that Kris hasn’t experienced before.But when Kris discovers that Bora is gay, his discriminative behaviour resurfaces. One night Bora ends up in a wrong place at wrong time, and gets killed. Suddenly Kris is facing the chance to stand up for something he believes is right.

    Director: Ayse Altinok
    Screenwriter: Ayse Altinok
    Producer: Revolver Amsterdam

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    Peace on earth? A motorcycle tour by a peace negotiator, 2 UN veterans and a war photographer from Paris to Kurdistan and back through Russia, asking the residents of former war zones if peace is ever possible.

    What happened to peace 75 years after WW2 and the birth of the UN? With this in mind, a peace negotiator, a photographer, 2 Afghanistan veterans travel by motorcycle from Paris to Kurdistan and back via Georgia and Ukraine. They will talk to each other at night about ‘war and peace’, the ‘chance for peace in the future’. And the inhabitants of the traversing countries, often still at war or recent war zones, exchange ideas about ‘the chance of peace’.

    Director: Roy Dames
    Producer: DocEye