Stories & Beyond Selection

Selections of 2019 

Below (UK)
Dutch engineer Lotte arrives in a failing Irish fishing village, to investigate establishing a wind farm. When a local fishing boat comes back with most of the crew missing, the village is plunged into grief.
Screenwriter: Aaron Gray
Director: Paul Skillen
Producer: Louise Gallagher (Gallagher Films)

Burma Roots (UK)
Screenwriter: Charlotte Scott-Wilson
Director: Charlotte Scott-Wilson
Producer: Hannah Price (Fable Pics)

Heineken in Afrika (UK)
Screenwriter: Olivier van Beemen
Producer: Mike Chamberlain

For the Record (België)
A promising young band retreats to a desolate cabin in the woods to record their first album. Confronted with creative struggles induced by their inner demons, their artistic journey quickly turns into a nightmarish hellscape when those inner demons come out at night.
Screenwriter: Andrew van Ostade
Director: Michael van Ostade
Producer: Tomas Leyers (Minds Meet)

Making Plans for Oscar (België)
One morning, Oscar takes a drastic decision: he wants to end his life by consuming an overdose of pills. His plan almost succeeds until Lara, his flatmate, and her one-night-stand Alice, walk in on him and intervene. While the young women debate on what course of action to take, Oscar starts reflecting on what has brought him to this point in life.
Screenwriter: Brian Windelinckx
Director: Brian Windelinckx
Producer: Xavier Rombaut (Polar Bear)

Blaosmuziek (Nederland)
During the closing of the mines in the South of Holland in the seventies Wiel (19) has to make a decision between staying with his father and their brassband and pursuing a future career as a musician in Amsterdam. Slowly, he begins to see the power of his roots.
Screenwriter: Sophie van de Pol, Paul Jan Nelissen
Director: André van Duren
Producer: Felix van Gisbergen

The Waste Land (Nederland)
April is the cruelest month’, with this mysterious sentence opens the legendary and ground breaking poem The Waste Land, by T. S. Eliot. The film The Waste Land is an intensive search into the secrets of this poem that still hasn’t lost any of its actuality. A filmic journey along different places and people, told thru still photographs, that slowly but surely brings you to an inescapable conclusion…
Screenwriter: Chris Teerink
Director: Chris Teerink
Producer: Joost Verheij, Frank van Reemst (DocEye)

Truly Naked (Nederland)
Nowadays most teenagers come across pornography online, and for many it has become an essential part of their sexual education. But what if this introduction to sex isn’t on a screen, what if it is happening right in front of you, and involving your parents? Welcome to the world of 16-year-old Alec.
Screenwriter: Muriel d’Ansembourg
Director: Muriel d’Ansembourg
Producer: Isabella Depeweg, Els Vandevorst (Isabella Films)

The Secret Life of Penny Fletcher (Nederland)
The Secret Life of Penny Fletcher tells an unlikely true story of notorious boxing coach Neil Port (40). As the short-tempered, ruthless construction worker takes the young boxing talent Clinton Woods (22) under his wing to train him for the world championship, a second inescapable battle is taking place outside of the arena. A personal battle of Neil to become what he most of all wants to be: a woman.
Screenwriter: Martijn de Jong
Director: Diederik Koopal
Producer: Derk-Jan Warrink (Kepler Film)



Selected Projects 2018 

• Silure (Catfish)
-script Patricia Desmarès
-producer Panache Productions / André Logie

• Ducks
-script Neary Adeline Hay
-producer the cup of tea / Edwin Kadri
• Feathers and Wings
-script Zina Modiano
-producer Petit Film / Amélie Jacquis
• Red Jungle
-script Juan José Lozano
-producer Dolce Vita Films / Marc Irmer
• This Land of Mine
-script Diane Sara Bouzgarrou, Thomas Jenkoe
-producer Films de Force Majeure Jean-Laurent Csinidis

The Netherlands
• Happy Together
-script Ger Poppelaars / Rogier Proper
-producer De Productie / René Goossens Annemiek van Gorp
• Human Beasts (Cobra)
-script Helena van der Meulen
-producer Submarine / Sabine Veenendaal
• Paradise in the Desert (Paradijs in de woestijn)
-script Ike Bertels
-producer Baldr Film / Katja Draaijer
• Perspiration (Zweet)
-script Jacqueline van Vugt
-producer Revolver Films / Kirsi Saivosalmi
• The Way Back (De terugreis)
-script Marijn de Wit
-producer Hazazah Pictures / Maarten Kuit

Experts / Professionals

•Diana Elbaum / Beluga Tree

•David Atlan Jackson / Backup Media Group
•Sylvain Eymard / Film France
•Julie Savary / ARTE Cinéma
•Marie-Pierre Vallé / Wild Bunch

The Netherlands
•Esther Bannenberg / Cinemien
•Stienette Bosklopper / Circe Film
•Maarten van der Duin / WildWords
•Denis Vaslin / Volya Films
•Esther Wouda / Gloworm Film