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If Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos can do it, so can you – and hopefully better. Become a rocket builder and reboot the internet in this game by artist Floris Kaayk.
Next Space Rebels revolves around the childlike pleasure of launching homemade rockets into space, but at the same time exposes genuine concerns about an increasingly regulated internet. As great powers and multinational companies compete for dominance, who will decide what will be censored and what will not? Who will protect our freedom of expression? The answer: whoever has the most internet satellites in orbit. In this game, you join a group of activists building home-made rockets to ensure an independent, free internet. But are the goals of the Next Space Rebels themselves actually transparent? A work of art hidden in a game, in which the visitor is not a spectator but a player. The story playfully reveals the current worrying struggle for control of the internet.
Next Space Rebels: Powerpoint presentatie
1 minute