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Who does not adore cat videos? The famous film feline Abatutu (De wilde stad) allows 1001 Dutch cats their own '20 seconds of fame'. Purrrrrr...
The first Poeslief compilation proved it: a documentary entirely consisting of cat videos attracts full houses. That comes as no surprise, because what is more fun than watching cats’ capers? For Poeslief 2, cat lovers from across the Netherlands submitted their favourite clips. As many as 1001 cats eventually get their '20 seconds of fame' from the one and only Abatutu, the most famous movie cat in the Low Countries (and the first animal to win an oeuvre award at NFF!). Two young tomcats with the voices of TikTok stars Dreamon.04 and Lxnneke want to become just as famous. Will they follow in their big hero’s footsteps?