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Can we create digital humanity? Thanks to virtual reality, you can breed and meet your own unique cyborg baby, based on own your choices and desires. But a digital baby takes some getting used to. An experience on the boundary between fact and fiction, art and technology, present and future.
The virtual and physical reality and a post-human desire to have children come together in this transmedia experience, in which you can meet your own digitally conceived offspring in a hybrid incubator. What do you want to pass on? Solo or with a partner you donate your personal preferences: what choices will you make for your cyborg baby? After an intimate interview and selection process in the motivation room, you will be audiovisually and personally prepared for approaching parenthood. You then find out how your decisions have turned out in practice when you meet your interactive cyborg baby for the first time in the incubator. At this futuristic IVF clinic, you don’t have to wait nine months: after just a few minutes you come face to face with your post-human offspring. These cyborg babies may look different from traditional ones, but just like a real baby, each one is unique and arouses a wide range of feelings.