Sprightly family film adapted from a Paul van Loon story winks at classic horror films. In the night of his seventh birthday, shy Dolfje changes into a fluffy little werewolf. Under a full moon, he sets out on adventures.
In the night of his seventh birthday, Dolfje does not know what comes over him when he transforms into a white fluffy animal: a little werewolf. By the light of the full moon, he dashes through the park and the neighbours’ gardens. He chases chickens and ducks. The next morning, he wakes up as a normal boy again. Now he understands why he always felt different from his foster parents and his foster brother Timmie. But sensitive Dolfje wants to be normal, like everybody else. Helped by Timmie, Dolfje tries to keep his secret at all costs, but that is not so easy. Meanwhile, life as a werewolf has its advantages: for example, he can finally rope-climb like a champion. Sprightly family film, adapted from the first book in Paul van Loon’s popular series is a warm plea for individuality.